About Humans of Wagyu
Humans of Wagyu is unique. It is a worldwide reference for Japanese Wagyu. Humans of Wagyu was born from a desire to inspire and share information with people across the world. As our community grew, we started exporting Wagyu. We now have exported to six different countries, and offer wholesale and retail to the US and EU countries. ​

We are a community of Wagyu enthusiasts driven by our passion to experience and learn about the secrets behind the Wagyu. A community that celebrates every aspect of the Wagyu experience, with a particular focus on sustainability and traceability.
From the Source
Humans of Wagyu works directly with Wagyu suppliers and farmers from around Japan. Working with the highest quality of Wagyu farmers and slaughterhouses across Japan, we can supply to over 45 countries. We are also proud to be providing Wagyu information to our community, customers, and partners directly from the source, here in Japan.

What is Wagyu
What is Wagyu? The "Wa or 和" in Wagyu means Japanese and "Gyu or 牛" means Cattle, but in most cases is also read as Beef. Just as the name implies, Wagyu refers to the four breeds (Kuroge Washu, Akage Washu, Mukaku Washu, Tankakushu), which are originated from Japan - hence called Japanese Cattle, or Beef. The majority of exported Wagyu is Kuroge Washu, which compared to other breeds, offers a differentiated level of marbling or intramuscular fat, flavor, texture, and color.