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Humans of Wagyu EU

A5 l Tochigi Wagyu | Whole Tenderloin

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Cutting Specifications

About This Wagyu Steak

Planning a barbecue with your friends and looking for a whole Tenderloin? Looking to purchase a whole cut of Tenderloin and portion it at home? Or maybe you would like to purchase a whole Tenderloin and have our experts portion to your specifications? Our Humans of Wagyu Butcher now offers a whole Tenderloin that can be portioned according to your needs!

Please keep in mind that in case you choose the "Whole Cut (Original Package)" for the Tenderloin, we must use the XL box. However, in case you select the "Yakiniku Cuts," "Sukiyaki Cuts," "Steak Cuts," "Minced Cuts," or "Other," we can fit it in the S box. At the same time, in case you do prefer to ship it whole in the XL box, we will still have weight capacity to add another 30kg of our beef selection. So assuming you prefer the Tenderloin whole, we recommend checking the other cuts we offer, so you can add on the same box, and save on shipping costs. To understand more about our recommendations for shipping, as well as the different options we have, please refer to our FAQ

Country of Origin


Prefecture of Origin


Wagyu Breed

Japanese Black Cattle 

Grade Available

A5 BMS 11 and 12

10 Digit Traceability Number

A5 BMS 11 (16214-0190-0)

A5 BMS 12 (16214-0159-7)

*Please note that the product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be the exact representation of the product.

    • For Custom Orders

      In case you'd like to have your order processed under your cutting specification, please refer to the Whole Cuts section of the website. For Whole Cuts, we can offer cutting services for your order into:

      - Whole Cut (Original packaging)

      - Yakiniku Cuts

      - Sukiyaki Cuts

      - Steak Cuts

      - Minced Meat

      - Other

      In case you select 'Steak Cuts' or 'Other', please email us in up to 24 hours the cutting specifications. Otherwise, we will portion them in approximately 500g cuts.

    • Order Terms and Conditions

      Please read the order terms and conditions below to understand when you will be receiving your order.

      - There are no customs fees for countries in the EU.

      - For orders outside of the EU, we do not take responsibility for customs fees or delays.

      - We ship via DHL Express, which delivers in 24-72 hours once your order is processed.

      - We process orders from Monday-Wednesday to avoid courier delays over weekends.

      - We do not provide refunds because our products are consumable perishables. 

      - Temperature-controlled shipping.

      - We guarantee that all wagyu orders will have at least the weight selected.

      - All of the products are shipped vacuum sealed. We vacuum seal all of our products to protect the meat from coming in contact with anything that can infect the product. However, there is a chance of discoloration in the vacuum process. Once the package is opened, the color should normalize.

      - Certificate of Authenticity is only provided to Japanese Wagyu products in the Whole Cuts section.

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